My Thesis on Maimonides, Max Weber, and the Cairo Geniza

Below is posted my work- I am proud of it due to its originality. There is no book that I can find about Maimonides' Epistle to Yemen, and hardly any scholarly articles. The work reproduced below attempts to shed greater light on the Epistle by invoking Weber's theory of how leaders maintain legitimacy, the Geniza documents, and a reading of the Epistle for historical and social clues. 

Iranian American Jews

This work, like my thesis, is on a topic that almost wholly lacks scholarly investigation- the history of the Persian Jewish community in the United States. Enjoy! 

The Physical and Spiritual Importance of Happiness- it's Literally Contagious!!

This work samples what psychological and Jewish literature has to say about happiness, and includes personal reflections. Interestingly, some recent studies have confirmed what we knew all along- happiness spreads within social networks!