By Jacob Grossman (@TorahBlogR)
1- Facebook is undergoing a process of transition favoring the use of pages for organizations, companies, and communities to interact with followers. Therefore, if you want to create a facebook account for someone other than yourself, then don’t make a profile or group- make a page. (Thanks, @DavidYarus) 

2- Never spam on social networks by sending broad messages out to masses of people that have not indicated an interest in the topic 

3- Make sure that you are providing value to your followers/friends. Only self-promote your website, etc. perhaps 1/10 times that you engage with social media (Thanks to @Weinberg81 for that one)

4- There are a number of free applications that teachers can use in the classroom to make tests, create surveys, and share resources after class time as ended. One great tip I learned from Rabbi Emerson is that we can choose to spend class time on the ‘fun stuff’ (games, activities), and save lectures for after class by recording them.
    Envision a class trip to Israel where a Day School educator records a video of the students, say, singing 'Hatikvah' at the Western Wall. Just think of the possibilities if the rest of the family can watch that video ten minutes later, and how wellt
(Thanks, @dovemerson)

5- On a related note, make sure to look beyond Facebook and Twitter! There’s a number of other sites to interface with that are more esoteric than Foursquare, LinkedIn,  and Stumbleupon, as well. 

6- The ways in which people interact with technology vary greatly by age, in a number of nuances ways that we do not understand intuitively. Therefore, keep up with the work of researchers that track trends in order to relate to the generation represented by the age group that you work with. See Mashable, for example- they even have an app for Iphone. 

7- The extent to which your status, etc is distributed on Facebook to a broad swath of your friends is through an algorithm known as Edgerank. It is determined multiple factors, such as who you interact with regularly. In order to increase it, ask friends to ‘comment’ and ‘like’ your posts. 



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